About gross income

Friday, June 23, 2023

gross income

t f B! P L

We who live now, my children, are inundated with the following.

・High prices

・Loss of jobs and decreased income due to AI

I suffer too.

I think there are two major ways to improve it.


② Side job or investment

Basically, it would be better to consider ② while doing ①.

I think I need to grow up so that I can live with ② even if I can't do ① in my old age.

If you gain confidence that you can live without relying on ①, you will be able to face your work with the peace of mind that you can quit ①.

As for ②, it is desirable that it has nothing to do with ①.

In the future, there will be no jobs that can be done with AI, or income will decrease. I think it should be avoided that the income is biased towards the location.



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A 40-year-old office worker living in Japan. While searching for a way to live in Japan, where taxes and prices are rising, he encounters FX. Before the Lehman Brothers shock, the yen tended to depreciate and he could easily earn money, but he lost all his investment due to the Lehman Brothers shock. Since then, I'm focused on how to survive and make money rather than win or lose.