Prohibited Matters in Foreign Exchange Margin Trading

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

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If an act or prohibited transaction that violates the terms of use stipulated by XMTrading is confirmed, the account may be frozen.
  • Hedge trading with multiple XM accounts
  • Hedging transactions between XM and other brokers' accounts
  • Hedging transactions between groups in collusion with multiple people
  • Transactions that intentionally use connection delays or rate errors
  • High leverage trading aimed only at window opening
  • High leverage trading targeting only before and after the announcement of economic indicators
  • The act of registering using the name or personal information of a third party
  • The act of illegally obtaining a bonus
  • Transactions that overload XM's servers
  • When a trading account with a zero balance (or a balance of less than $5) is left unattended for more than 90 days, and the operation of the transaction history, deposit/withdrawal history, etc. is not confirmed.

Red letters are the most common cases.
Be careful.



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