Reduce risk and increase surplus funds in the short term (flow)

Friday, June 23, 2023


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 There are two targets for investment (side business), all of which are possible at home.

  • FX
  • virtual currency FX


With a small amount of leverage, you can expand your profits.


"High risk due to leverage."

What is leverage

A small amount of money is used as margin (collateral) to move and trade many times the funds.

Example: If the fund is 50,000 yen and 1 dollar is 100 yen

  • If you buy 100💲, you need 10,000 yen. Leverage less than 1x. You can buy it at a bank.
  • If you buy 1000💲, you need 100,000 yen. Double the leverage. You can't buy it at a bank.

At first glance, it seems that the risk is high, but if the leverage is less than 1 times, the fee is cheaper than the bank, so it is rather profitable. There is no problem as long as you learn the technique and get used to it and then raise the leverage.

The steps are as follows

①Open an account with an overseas trader.

The biggest problem with traders is that they can't withdraw money even though they have made a profit.

I recommend XM because there is no such thing.

 Open a real account

We recommend the standard account for those who want a bonus when depositing, and the KIWAMI polar account if there is no bonus when depositing but want to reduce transaction fees.

About safe broker

②Learn how to trade FX and learn technology.

Open a demo account to learn how to operate and make a profit before doing actual trading with XM.

 Open a demo account

Demo account: An account that allows you to experience FX trading without risk using virtual money

③Actually trade with this account with a minimum unit of 0.01 lot (1000 currencies) with low leverage.

I will be able to make a profit with my own money. Trading with your own money is different from demo trading.

④Gradually increase leverage to increase profits.

While a slight fluctuation in exchange rates can increase profits, it also increases profits and losses, so we need to grow mentally.

⑤Migrate to virtual currency FX (CFD).

In addition, since the volatility is high, we will continue to grow spiritually.



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A 40-year-old office worker living in Japan. While searching for a way to live in Japan, where taxes and prices are rising, he encounters FX. Before the Lehman Brothers shock, the yen tended to depreciate and he could easily earn money, but he lost all his investment due to the Lehman Brothers shock. Since then, I'm focused on how to survive and make money rather than win or lose.