The importance of "waiting"

Saturday, June 24, 2023

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 It is important to say to wait, not limited to investment.

Do you want to make a profit quickly and make various entries?

The state of not knowing whether you will win or lose is just a gamble, not an investment.

Just like online games, let's enter in a pattern (environment) where you can win.

I introduced Elliott Wave as a way to win, but please try to challenge the real account after acquiring the feeling that you can win with the demo account.



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A 40-year-old office worker living in Japan. While searching for a way to live in Japan, where taxes and prices are rising, he encounters FX. Before the Lehman Brothers shock, the yen tended to depreciate and he could easily earn money, but he lost all his investment due to the Lehman Brothers shock. Since then, I'm focused on how to survive and make money rather than win or lose.