Importance of continuity

Saturday, June 24, 2023

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 It's hard to keep doing something.

Try the methods below.

① Decide your purpose.

Example: I want to be happy

②Set a goal to achieve the purpose and decide the period to evaluate whether it was achieved.

Example: Make it possible to continuously obtain money to live on.

Duration: 1 week

③After the set period, evaluate on a scale of 0 to 10 whether or not you have achieved your goals.

Example: Rating 3

④ First of all, praise yourself for your hard work.

Example: I was able to work hard even though I didn't have much time.

⑤ Let's think about how we can add 1 to this evaluation in the next evaluation.

Example: Increase the number of trades by spending more time looking at charts on a demo account.

⑥ Return to ③ and repeat.



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A 40-year-old office worker living in Japan. While searching for a way to live in Japan, where taxes and prices are rising, he encounters FX. Before the Lehman Brothers shock, the yen tended to depreciate and he could easily earn money, but he lost all his investment due to the Lehman Brothers shock. Since then, I'm focused on how to survive and make money rather than win or lose.